CEO and Founder of NASP
Katharin von Gavel

Katharin von Gavel is an entrepreneur and a recognized educator in the foot care industry. She has studied Dermatology and Paramedical Esthetics in Europe and received a degree in Chiropody. In addition, Katharin has a PhD in Natural Health Sciences, is a Doctor of Acupuncture, a Doctor of Natural Medicine and holds a BSc in Podology.

Dr von Gavel has been an educator in advanced foot care since 1982 and has been a featured platform speaker at industry meetings across North America. For over twenty-five years, Katharin owned and operated alternative health and esthetics clinics in Canada with a subspecialty in advanced foot care. She also developed proprietary protocols with the use of lasers and licensed clinics in Canada, South America and Europe.

As President and CEO of KvG Group Inc., Dr von Gavel developed Footlogix®, her own line of products for the feet. In this capacity, she also continues her passion for education, in the capacity of CEO with NASP.

Dr von Gavel’s objective is to improve the professionalism of the foot care industry. As a well-known platform speaker and author of articles for professional journals, her knowledge and expertise continue to enhance the development of professionals throughout North America.

Vicki Malo

Vicki Malo has been working in the beauty industry since 1986 as a highly trained Esthetician, CIDESCO Diplomat, RMT, BSc Pod, and Licensed Beautician. Her background includes headlining numerous seminars and classes on diverse aspects of the salon/spa industry.  She has a Post Baccalaureate diploma in Management and holds a Master’s degree in business.

As a former business owner/operator of both a Clinical Salon and a Day Spa, Vicki brings a wealth of knowledge to her classes and seminars.  Vicki’s technical experience includes esthetics, nail technician, Certified Podologist, remedial massage therapy, Reiki Master, make-up artistry, and cosmetology.  Her work experience also includes educating, public speaking, curriculum development, training, and executive management.

Educational experience includes copious skills; advanced skin care, advanced foot care, high level training for infection control and business modalities in the salon industry. Current employment includes International Educator and trainer with Footlogix and the North American School of Podology and a platform speaker at trade shows emphasizing Foot Care and Infection Control in the salon.

She brings to her students her love and passion for the industry, along with a strong commitment to continuing education, which she believes is the key to continued success.

Vicki is currently the President of the North American School of Podology, Vice President of Education for Footlogix and is actively educating around the world.


Suzanne Foote

Suzanne has spent 30 years in the medical field. She is a recognized leader in Nursing Education and has been active in the field of Complimentary Medicine, receiving a Doctor of Acupuncture, Doctor of Natural Medicine and a diploma in Homeopathy.

After taking early retirement from teaching nursing in order to spend more time promoting natural health, and having worked extensively with the elderly, she had recognized the need for specialized foot care. She then became both a Certified Podologist and an Advanced Nursing Foot Care Practitioner. In the fall of 2003, she joined the teaching staff of NASP, becoming their Lead Educator, teaching Levels 1 and 2 and assisting with the further development of the NASP curriculum.

In January 2012, Suzanne was thrilled to be offered the position of Executive Director with the International Pedicure Association. Working with the IPA, a voluntary professional association dedicated to foot care and pedicures, fits perfectly with her knowledge of foot care and NASP teaching experience.

Suzanne still utilizes her passion for education through teaching NASP Level 2 online classes, IPA webinars and speaking at trade shows.

Suzanne’s background in Nursing Education, along with her knowledge of Foot Care, bring an added depth to her association with NASP and the IPA.


Tracy Thomas

Tracy has over 20 years of experience as an esthetician in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  She currently owns and operates a mobile esthetics business with an emphasis on pedicures. With an increasing number of senior and diabetic clients, Tracy found a need to further her education. She did this with the North American School of Podology, completing all courses in February of 2017.

Tracy is heavily involved in the esthetics community having previously served as a Board member for the Cosmetology Association of Nova Scotia. She is licensed as a Master Cosmetologist Instructor and is also currently a Provincial Esthetics Examiner.

Tracy is always enthusiastic in sharing her love of feet and her extensive knowledge to pedicurists in the east coast area of Canada. She teaches the Certified Master Pedicure class for NASP and also works with Euro Essentials providing pedicurists with the latest product knowledge on Footlogix.  She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with her along with a passion for educating her students, a welcome addition to the NASP and Footlogix Team.




Brenda Ribble

Brenda Ribble has a diverse professional career with over 30 years in the field of nursing. She earned her Registered Vascular credentials in Interventional Vascular diagnostics, and specialized in wound care management, as well as cardiac and open heart. She continued in her career advancement as a home health care company manager making and overseeing patient care plans, as well as company marketing. Upon moving to Florida, Brenda became involved with the AmeriCorps program and assisted non- profits with volunteer placement. She then turned her education to the beauty industry and became a licensed nail technician. She soon realized that a pedicure is more than making feet pretty. Shortly after obtaining her LNT she began using Footlogix products and enrolled at NASP where she earned her CMP designation. Brenda is currently pursing advancing her skills with NASP as a CMP Educator. She is also a Level II Reiki practioner. Brenda resides outside the Fort Myers, FL area where she practices advanced foot care. “I have seen the internal damages from neglected and poor health choices that affect clients’ feet. Along with my skills and knowledge I feel the most important service I can provide is education on proper foot care and stressing the importance of advanced pedi-care.”

Donald W. Green

Donald comes from a varied background, having worked in the hospitality, law, and accounting fields. In 1998 he discovered his true passion in the cosmetology arena by becoming a nail technician. Donald currently has a full client portfolio and specializes in foot care for diabetics, geriatrics, cancer patients, and clients with poor circulation and neuropathy .  He also is an educator for the North American School of Podology and Goldwell NY.  He is committed to continuing personal growth, as well as furthering the education of his clients and other professionals.  He currently is the owner of Donald’s Foot Care and Natural Nails.  His practice and training studio is located in Pittsford, New York.

After becoming a Certified Master Pedicurist, Donald began consulting and educating in the area of foot care products for the Goldwell NY distributorship, in 2004.  Upon completing all of his courses, Donald was able to completely transform his practice financially.  He is currently teaching the CMP classes for the North American School of Podology via Toronto, Canada.  He believes that keeping one foot in teaching and another foot in performing services in his practice is a beautiful marriage.

Donald’s professional mission statement is to “pursue, perfect, and perform the customized pedicure based on the client’s feet put before me.”


Bonnie Maxwell

Bonnie Maxwell began her career in the aesthetics industry in 2000, as a Nail Technician and Pedicurist. As she gained more experience, she chose to pursue her education in Podology. In 2005, Bonnie successfully completed all qualifying levels and achieved her CPOD designation. She currently owns and operates her own successful studio in Edmonton.

Bonnie also works with nailbasics as the Director of Education and has written the program content for nailbasics’ basic pedicure class. Bonnie currently teaches NASP Certified Master Pedicurist Level 1 and 2: Introduction to the Pedicure, Health and Safety, and Introductory Nail Program at nailbasics in Edmonton, Canada. In 2009, 2010, and 2012, Bonnie was honored by her nailbasics peers with the Educator of the Year award.

Bonnie completed the Practicum in St Kitts, in February 2010. To date, Bonnie considers this the highlight of her career. Her dedication and passion for footcare and her advanced knowledge is reflected in her skilled teaching abilities and the excellent feedback from her former students. Bonnie is also proud to be a productive contributor to the Footlogix team.


Nicole Fraser

Nicole Fraser, CMP, C(Pod), is a dynamic foot care educator and public speaker, guiding students and pedi-care professionals to elevated levels of foot care excellence. She is a Certified Master Pedicurist, completing intensive podology training at the North American School of Podology (NASP). She is also a Medical Esthetician and graduated with “Diamond Award” top honors from the Advanced Medical Esthetics Diploma Program at the National Institute of Esthetics.

Nicole’s high level of knowledge and unique ability to connect with her audience has her in growing demand as a popular educator and featured industry speaker. These efforts have taken her across Canada and North America and training engagements in India are a 2019 travel highlight. Nicole has a gift for facilitating growth in her students, supporting their aspirations to deliver safe, quality foot care of the highest caliber. Students find her passion for foot wellness infectious and praise the patience, encouragement, and clarity that are integral to her powerful education experience.

As a young girl, Nicole became intrigued with hair, nails, cosmetics and all things esthetic. She attended three years of Cosmetology in high school and then studied Human Resources at McMaster University. After spending 15 years in human resource recruitment, team building, training and education, her deep interest in esthetics, health and wellness prevailed. Nicole determined to make her passion her career and pursued Medical Esthetician training followed by her training and certifications at NASP.

Nicole is now an Educator and Business Development representative at Footlogix Pediceuticals and an educator for the North American School of Podology. She previously spent three years in private practice at The Hamilton Health & Wellness Centre. She maintains a keen interest in product ingredients that are safe, “clean,” and effective. Curious by nature, she has a penchant for documentaries, loves a good concert, is a yoga and energy work enthusiast, and has enjoyed studying Reiki. Her greatest love is teaching, connecting with others, and sparking their interest to know more and do better.


Cindy Harvey

Cindy  brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise to the foot-care industry, which spans more than 2 decades.

After completing her degree in marketing, Cindy followed her passion and continued her education into the very unique and highly specialized field of Pedorthics, becoming an orthotic and orthopedic footwear expert.

As a Certified Pedorthist, Cindy is one of the select few healthcare professionals in Canada who is actually trained in the assessment of lower limb anatomy and biomechanics!

Ms. Harvey teaches comprehensive foot and leg evaluation, gait cycles, lower limb diseases and disorders, and provides education on proper footwear for various foot conditions.  Cindy owns and operates a custom-fit orthotic centre where, through referrals from doctors and foot care professionals, she assesses her clients’ gait, before creating custom-made orthotics.  As a result, she has counseled countless patients with conditions such as Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis, Claw Toes and Hammer Toes, Sports related injuries, and much more.

In addition, Cindy has been an instructor with the North American School of Podology since 2004, as their Level Three Educator.

As a result, Ms. Harvey truly fulfills her mission to “Help others take healthier steps”!


Marion Smith-Olson

Marion has always had an innate knowing even at a very young age that helping people was what she wanted to do.

In 1984 she obtained her Licensed Practical Nurse Certificate and has worked for 16 years in the private and hospital care industry. She also has a Certificate as a Professional Personal Coach and worked in a private setting helping individuals work through many phases of their life. After her personal coaching Marion obtained her St. Kitts Practicum through the North American School of Podology. Marion is a Certified Podologist and owner of Sole Sifting Inc. where she works with people who require advanced foot care due to their medical condition(s).

Marion has been a yoga enthusiast for over 10 years and in 2013 obtained her Yoga Teacher Certification from the Yoga Studio College of Canada. As a Certified Podologist and a Certified Yoga Teacher, she knows and understands the importance of taking care of the feet. “In Yoga if we do not ground through the four points of our feet, our alignment can be off for the pose and eventually cause serious bodily discomfort.”

Marion strongly believes that education and yoga bring something different for each individual. Without a solid educational foundation we will lose our balance and do more harm than good.

Natasha Dwan

Natasha has been working as a Nail Technician since 2004 and shows a great love and passion for the industry.  During this time,  her commitment to education and higher learning brought her to a NASP CMP class in 2007.  Through this class Natasha developed a strong passion for feet and footcare which led her to change her career so that she could focus more on foot care. She enjoys educating her clients to ensure their individual footcare needs are met. Natasha’s education includes all four level of NASP training, plus advanced nail training, business training and other esthetic modalities.  She completed her St. Kitts Practicum in 2017. Currently Natasha has a home based business focusing on hands and feet with a mobile aspect in care home facilities for those unable to travel.  She prides herself on her drive and commitment to health and safety awareness, bringing only the highest quality of service to her customers. It has been a long standing goal of Natasha’s to become a NASP Educator and share her knowledge with others passionate about feet.  Natasha is currently an educator for NaiTtechniques and The Original Fuzion UV gel.  She is very passionate about her work as an educator and finds immense joy in sharing her vast experiences. Natasha is very active in up to date trends for the nail industry and strives to stay informed on the latest topics for both hand and footcare. Her motto is “never stop learning”!

Secondary Educator
Frieda Kehler

Frieda began her foot care career after many years of teaching high school biology in public and private schools in Canada, Germany and the USA. While living in Germany, she decided to pursue her education in foot health. Armed with an interest in human anatomy and physiology, and recognizing a need for foot care in an ever growing senior demographic, Frieda studied foot health through the SMAE Institute in England and consequently became a Foot Health Practitioner. Upon returning to Canada, she received the Certified Podologist (I) designation from the Canadian Examining Board of Health Care Practitioners. Because Frieda considers continuing professional development to be an integral part of her profession, she is completing the NASP program of study as well. Frieda owns and operates Frieda’s Foot Care as a predominantly mobile business in Mississauga and Etobicoke, Ontario. She is pleased to offer the NASP pedicure to her clients and they in turn often remark that they’ve never before had a pedicure like that. Frieda has a young adult son and daughter, and lives in Port Credit with her husband. She is excited to be back in the classroom as a secondary educator at NASP.