August 2014

On Continuing Education: Spas2b

Happy Friday! We’d like to introduce our second guest post, from industry expert Leslie Lyon, the president of Spas2b, Inc. Last winter, she had written an excellent blog post on the importance of continuing education which is something that’s very important to us at...

Making a Difference One Foot at a Time: Tao Day Spa

We’d like to introduce our first guest post to the NASP blog, from NASP graduate Winnie Cheung. She originally wrote this post in February 2014, after returning from our St Kitts residency. We get a lot of questions here at NASP about our residency and the experience as a...

The Attitude of Gratitude

As NASP branches out into more social media avenues, I have had the opportunity to read some of the posts and blogs of the people that NASP is associated with. A particular one that caught my interest this past week was the challenge to acknowledge what you are grateful for.  Two...